Intelica is helping lead the way in revitalizing the Westport neighborhood

Intelica has served as a catalyst for revitalization in the Westport Plaza area by building its headquarters there and improving the tenant growth at numerous office buildings in the area. The area has since grown to include other recognizable developments, including The Porter, 360 Westport, Soda Fountain Express, and Rawlings Sporting Goods' new headquarters.

“It was a secondary submarket for a long time,” says Joel Meyer, principal and commercial broker of Intelica, which specializes in commercial, industrial, retail, and multifamily real estate. The firm aims to serve the real estate needs of overlooked communities, including the Westport area. “But now, there has been this big rush of restaurants to Westport Plaza. This rush has created a more vibrant ecosystem, drawing in office tenants where it hadn’t before.”

Through Intelica's affiliate company, Bamboo Equity Partners, the area's real estate landscape has shifted, thanks to three prominent office buildings: The Crossings, The Westport, and Intelica’s headquarters. “We saw immense opportunity in the area,” says Meyer. “A perfect example would be our Intelica headquarters building. It was a building that was really tired... We came in with a plan to not only occupy the offices ourselves but also to improve the rest of the building.”

The Crossings is a multi-million dollar redevelopment within walking distance to Westport Plaza. It features pickleball courts and patio seating, which showcase how the area has become a great place to work, live, and play.

"Do you bring a bunch of amenities that attract tenants, or do you have the tenants in the market before you bring the amenities?” Meyer says. “It seemingly all happened at the same time in the Westport market. The buildings continue to fill up, and the tenants keep coming because of the area and the amenities, and it’s just a loop that keeps circling back on itself.”

Collectively, Intelica has brought more than 500 employees to the Westport area during the past year. Included tenants range from industrial and office companies, such as GHD and WheelHouse Solutions, to nonprofits, such as Emergent Learning and Children’s Presbyterian Home. Other tenants that Intelica has secured at The Crossings and The Westport include Hope Clinical Care, Performance Services, DHL, National Elevator Inspection Services, Customs Express, LMS Franchising, Country Financial, EPS, Gateway Behavioral, OEC Freight, and Evergrow Financials.

Additionally, in 2023, Intelica co-founder and managing principal Dan Dokovic was named Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce's 'Business Leader of the Year.'

“Maryland Heights is a great place to work, live, and play," says Dokovic. "Not only are we headquartered here, but we also work tirelessly every day to bring more tenants and people to this great community.”

“It’s rewarding to see the proof of concept," says Meyer. "When I drive through Maryland Heights, I can point to project after project that I’ve had my hands on, and that feels good.”

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