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There comes a point where your business is unable to grow without the right space. We started as a trio of dreamers dedicated to solving that problem. Now, with over 100 dedicated members, we're here to assist you in every aspect of your space needs.

Learn more about Intelica’s capabilities and how we can eliminate all your real estate friction as your business ventures elevate.

Our Approach

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Our team brings decades of expertise tailored to the specific needs of each client through the right mix of service lines.

Our team manages the day-to-day events and expenses to ensure ease and profitability for our clients. Intelica is focused on tenant satisfaction, so our client tenants stay and your cashflow is maximized.

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Get more out of your real estate. From operations to accounting to tenant engagement, Intelica will elevate your properties, optimize efficiencies, and reduce costs.

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We aid your in-house team in making data-driven decisions, refining portfolios, and achieving optimal revenue growth.

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There is no better time for commercial real estate owners and investors to build wealth. Clients trust Intelica for end-to-end industry expertise and our ability to achieve the best results possible in any market condition.

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Your most sensitive real estate situations call for experienced, insightful advisors. Make strategic decisions with the data, analysis, and recommendations of trusted experts.

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Reimagining real estate with technology. Creating connected spaces with state-of-the-art tech for today’s workforce, and leveraging analytic software to improve owner outcomes.

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Intelica provides strategic, innovative, and results-driven services.

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