Bill James Nominated for CCIM 2023 Community Partner of the Year

We are excited to announce Bill James, Managing Director of Intelica Valuation Services, was recently nominated for the 2023 Community Partner of the Year award at the local Colorado/Wyoming CCIM Excellence Awards.

Bill James leads Intelica Valuation Services in providing real estate decision support to lenders, attorneys, governments, and property owners throughout the State of Colorado. In addition to his role at Intelica Valuation Services, James serves as an MAI appraiser by the Appraisal Institute. In the Appraisal Institute, Bill has been the Chair of the General Appraiser Council and the Admissions Appeals Board and on the Board of Directors and Regional Ethics and Counseling Panel and the Appraisal Standards Council. James has been in the industry for over 40 years and is widely known for his expertise in the industry. As the commercial real estate industry continues to evolve, James has a pulse on the current market and upcoming challenges.

“Appraisal is always more difficult at times like now when the economy and real estate market trends change. Like many other activities, the introduction of artificial intelligence to automate valuation creates challenges for appraisers to effectively use new technology.”

In addition to technology impacting the current state of appraisal, another factor to keep an eye on is the insufficient housing and the effect work from home has impacted the market.

“The challenges created by insufficient housing and the work from home trend create opportunities of appraisers to benefit the community by assisting with the development of affordable housing, transportation adapted real estate and other resources. The trends now toward greater integration of land use and transportation planning and work from home are encouraging more efficient use of real estate to live, work and play.”

The growing complexity of assets will continue to impact the commercial real estate and appraisal industry in 2023 and beyond.

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