Sharon Ashcraft

Property Manager/Construction Management Coordinator

Sharon Ashcraft Photo

Sharon Ashcraft is the Property Manager/Construction Management Coordinator for Intelica CRE™. In this role, Sharon provides tenants with the best possible experience as they start their new lease with Intelica, from helping them understand how the construction process works to the process of opening their new location.

Prior to Intelica, Sharon worked at MBR Management for over 15 years and was responsible for assisting in finding new property locations and overseeing the construction from the planning stage, all the way to assisting new tenants with their move-in process.

Sharon is married with two children, one grandchild and two dogs. In her free time, she loves the outdoors, boating, mud runs, rehabbing houses and riding her motorcycle.


"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they will become your actions. Watch your actions; they will become your habit. Watch your habit; it will become your character. Watch your character; as it will become your destiny."

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