We're proud of who we are, but always striving to be the best.

Intelica Commercial Real Estate Company is a St. Louis based consulting firm that provides commercial real estate advisory services.

Our modern-day, full-service business model offers unparalleled access to marketing, brand consulting, management and performance improvement services. By understanding our clients’ industries, we help enhance the performance of their real estate assets and set new standards of excellence.

At Intelica CRETM, attention to client needs is our top priority. Our three principals, along with a seasoned staff, are intimately involved in each transaction. Intelica CRETM is often brought into the early stages of clients’ strategic planning to provide fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Our client-driven business model emphasizes personalized service and confidentiality, which we achieve by only taking on a limited number of assignments.


With our unmatched customer service, our clients receive direct access to the principals and reliable communication with a specialized, multi-disciplinary team of experts. A team that listens, researches, learns about your business, keeps you and your tenants’ or investors’ best interests in mind, understands the industry, and is consistently aware of local, national, and global trends and markets.


By strategically utilizing the experience and knowledge of our entire team (our intellectual capital), we position ourselves to provide results-driven brokerage services, more effective and accessible management practices, and innovative and client-specific strategic advisory services to owners, investors and users of commercial real estate throughout the St. Louis, MO area and other Midwest markets we currently service.


All great businesses start with an idea. One that grows from a start-up of one or two people, expands into a company of ten and then explodes into a thriving business with multiple locations. We built Intelica upon an entrepreneurial foundation and actively bolster the small business community that gave rise to our success. We ardently believe that the next generation of prosperous St. Louis business owners will come from within the entrepreneurial community, so we enthusiastically support their growth.