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The Current Office Market in 2021

March 1, 2021
Intelica's Vice President of Brokerage, Michael Backer, discusses the different types of office markets and how best to navigate them. …
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Three Ways to Exceed Investment Objectives through Allocation in Real Estate

July 3, 2019
In his latest article published by the Forbes Real Estate Council, Dan Dokovic details three ways retail investors can increase their returns by applying…
Dan Merlo sitting at desk at Intelica office

Dan Merlo: Office Market Q&A with the St. Louis Business Journal

April 29, 2019
Dan Merlo sat down with the St. Louis Business Journal to give an update on the St. Louis office market in a Q&A last week. Topics covered vacancy and rent…
Government Shutdown

How the Government Shutdown Impacts CRE Sectors

February 5, 2019
After more than a month of standoffs and squabbling, the government shutdown has come to an end - at least for now. However, even if the temporary relief…
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Coast-to-Coast Businesses Are Flocking To St. Louis

March 13, 2014
Business market research  shows a trend in companies moving away from big East Coast and West Coast commercial real estate markets to settle down in the…
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Trends In Sustainable Real Estate

February 20, 2014
Seven years ago, sustainable real estate was a buzzword. Today, sustainability is in high demand. ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) practices…