Nechama Henderson

Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist

Nechama Henderson is the Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist at Intelica CRETM. In this role, Nechama utilizes her creative skills to represent the vision of the company through visual communication. She creates significant and effective visual communication using typography, photographs, illustration and graphic elements to construct a design that is a silent ambassador for the company. Nechama creates visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate our clients and support the Intelica and Bamboo teams. She develops the overall layout and production design for applications such as flyers, brochures, social media posts and other marketing collateral. She is passionate about all things design and with each design project dives right into the creative process.

Prior to joining Intelica CRE, Nechama was a Marketing Coordinator at Aegion, a multi-national pipeline and infrastructure company. In this role, Nechama was responsible for a broad range of marketing activities, including basic marketing administrative support, market research, graphic design and website maintenance – to name a few.

When Nechama is not working she can be found working out at the gym, cooking/baking, playing guitar, pursuing other creative side hustles and laughing and spending quality time with her friends and family.

“Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”

Thomas Edison