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Banking & Finance Real Estate Consulting

At Intelica CRETM, our financial services provide strategies and solutions that have consistently saved our financial clients 10-35% on their occupancy cost.

Traditionally, financial institutions with the largest brand network footprint have dominated their respective markets. With new technology rapidly evolving how customers are being served, all institutions, big and small, will need to transform their physical footprints. As transactions and sales shift to more digital channels, those institutions that cannot create new incremental value will need to change to a new brand format in order to cut costs and drive sales, or risk having to close their doors.

Our financial services specialists have the practical and technical expertise and proven success to aid financial institutions in adapting and transforming into a new, more profitable model.


  • Real estate optimization strategies
  • Energy and sustainability analysis
  • Compliance and risk analysis
  • Branch customer experience analysis
  • Facility management
  • Branch geospatial analysis

Banking & Finance Articles

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