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Photo of Tina Ripple, Property Management Director

What Makes a Property Management Company Extraordinary

November 19, 2019
Tina Ripple is the Director of Property Management for Intelica CRE, a local St. Louis commercial real estate and property management firm that has been growing…
Government Shutdown

How the Government Shutdown Impacts CRE Sectors

February 5, 2019
After more than a month of standoffs and squabbling, the government shutdown has come to an end - at least for now. However, even if the temporary relief…
inside of mall

Reimagining Retail

January 3, 2019
Beginning in the late 1980s and through the 1990s, the American mall was an engine of commerce and center of community life. People gathered there for dining,…
2019 dice

A Look Ahead to 2019…

December 10, 2018
2018 was big and booming for most of the commercial real estate industry. Investors were excited about U.S. commercial property markets, and the year kicked off…
brainstorming business plan

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

November 5, 2018
As a commercial real estate company, we want to empower entrepreneurs. We want them to identify market opportunities, occupy great spaces, and enjoy long-term…
AI art

Blockchain – the technology behind cryptocurrency

September 27, 2018
Cryptocurrencies have become not only a popular topic of conversation, but all the rage in business as well. For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies such as…
Architecture street blurred

Mixing it up in Mixed Use Communities

August 27, 2018
It’s not a new phenomenon. Since the 1950s, Americans have been searching for the right balance between urban ease and amenities, and the improved education…
Finance brainstorming Macbook

A Starter’s Guide To CRE Investment

July 10, 2018
At the mention of “investment,” many think first of their stocks, retirement accounts or other traditional financial assets. While these options are a…
Flooded street signs

Dealing With Natural Disasters

June 8, 2018
With the landfall and Midwestern persistence of tropical depression Alberto, the 2018 hurricane season is officially upon us. And, while meteorologists are…
Edison lightbulb in front of old brick building

Renewing St. Louis

May 9, 2018
Urban renewal. It’s a hot topic in just about every American city as people debate the pros and cons of revitalizing metropolitan spaces. Will new businesses…
Interior architecture industrial

Changes In Industrial CRE

April 2, 2018
More than 2,000 years ago, Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted “the only thing that is constant is change.” That statement holds true today, especially…
Laboratory technician with tubes

Getting Better: How Medical Advancements Are Driving Office Improvement

February 20, 2018
The evolution of medicine through technology and science is undeniable – practices have gone from bloodletting and releasing of evil humors to laser…