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St. Louis Art Museum

Tenants Pay More For Properties Near Parks

October 23, 2014
As the urbanization trend continues across the country, parks and open space environments are becoming more valuable to commercial real estate investors and…
shopper scanning package with smart phone

Retailers Who Embrace An Omni-Channel Strategy Are Winning

October 16, 2014
Successful retailers are moving toward an omni-channel marketing strategy. Omni-channel retail creates a seamless customer experience through all shopping…
corner office with a view

CRE Investors Are Giving Secondary Markets A Second Look

October 9, 2014
Commercial real estate office space is in high demand in core markets, driven by aggressively growing sectors, such as tech, energy and healthcare. These Class…
interior of industrial warehouse

On the Brink of A Modern Industrial Revolution

September 26, 2014
Industrial commercial real estate is picking up across the country. From land and building sales to leasing and development, this sector is making a comeback. …
cubicle hall

CRE Your Way: Build to Suit Leases

September 19, 2014
Today, businesses have very specific needs for their office space. Evolving technology may require special space for housing servers. The growing number of…
corner office with a view

CRE Office Trends: Who’s Moving Into the Corner Office?

September 11, 2014
Office space is in high demand, especially in key markets. However, the industries occupying office space are shifting as jobs shift in our technology-driven…
Fall on campus

Chasing the Diploma: CRE and Higher Education

September 4, 2014
This is the time of year young adults are anxious to go back to college and that can mean big business for institutional real estate investors. The higher…
Outdoor Retail Mall

Retail Outlet Malls are Outpacing Growth Projections

August 28, 2014
Retail commercial real estate, as a whole, is slowly recuperating, but outlet malls are sweeping the nation. These shopping centers are a destination for…
Outpatient Sign

Keeping a Pulse on Healthcare Trends

August 20, 2014
The healthcare sector is an ever-changing landscape for commercial realtors, influenced by everything from healthcare legislation to patient needs to the…

Commercial Real Estate Takes Technology to New Heights

August 14, 2014
Commercial real estate isn’t just benefitting from the growth of the tech sector, we are also taking advantage of new technologies that will shape how…
REIT dice on stacks of change

The right time for REITs and CRE Investments

August 7, 2014
There has never been a better or more accessible time to invest in commercial real estate. With a steady market, low interest rates, more means of entry, and…
Green Building design

The Best Real Estate Investments are Getting Greener

July 18, 2014
Making new or existing buildings more energy efficient is a mainstream (soon-to-be mandatory) practice, and this trend is only going to become more important to…