The Office of the Future

April 6, 2015

Imagine your favorite bar, restaurant or coffee shop — a place with character where you can kick back, meet with friends, and share a good time. Now imagine fielding a conference call, making a new business pitch or running monthly reports from that same location. It’s the latest spin in the office revolution, and a recent report from The Huffington Post states that this type of “convivial workplace” will soon become standard.

The prediction draws from recent trends of open floor plans and telecommuting, while helping to eliminate the detriments of each. Steve Gale, the London head of workplace strategy at leading office architectural firm M Moser Associates, believes that this new type of office will allow worker socialization, collaboration and comfort without interrupting daily workflow.

So, what will this office space of the future look like? Many assert that the creature comforts of on-site chefs, fitness centers and health care options are key, in addition to places where contemporaries can be social and productive. As Gale told The Huffington Post, “People need to [meet face to face] for a multitude of reasons. And that, I think, is one of the biggest issues we need to address over the next 20 years.”

Keeping up with the trend in office ambiance will make a difference in the type of talent companies attract. As the Washington Post recently reported, many employees look for workplace flexibility over money. That statement is especially true for millennials, who value work as a experience more than a simple paycheck, and are attracted to companies that offer a great culture.

Building that culture from the office up is a great way to approach commercial development and ensure successful leasing. By creating flexible spaces that allow for both collaboration and privacy, you can attract forward-thinking businesses as well as workers. Want to know more about the latest trends in office space and design? Contact Intelica’s Office Services Group. We can help you design and execute solutions that fit your unique business needs.