Retailers Who Embrace An Omni-Channel Strategy Are Winning

October 16, 2014

Successful retailers are moving toward an omni-channel marketing strategy. Omni-channel retail creates a seamless customer experience through all shopping channels, including mobile devices, e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, TV, radio, direct mail, and catalog.

According to a recent article from Fox Business, shoppers go to stores to evaluate products and buy online, or vice versa — research the product online and go in-store to make the purchase. Stores that don’t recognize this cross-channel strategy are falling behind.

Retail director at UPS Bala Ganesh supported this trend, citing a recent research by UPS showing that 40 percent of today’s shoppers use a combination of online and in-store interactions to complete their purchases, “The days of physical stores being separated from online [shopping] are over. They’re no longer channels that are happening on their own. The UPS survey found that a large chunk of online shoppers cross channels during their shopping path. [Be present on] both channels and take advantage of that.”

To make brick-and-mortar store more valuable within the omni-channel strategy, owners and lessees are re-evaluating their approach.

  1. Location: Because e-commerce brings the product straight to your doorstep, retailers are choosing more conveniently located retail commercial real estate to stay viable.
  2. Store Layout: Designers are improving the layout of the stores to be more intuitive of the shopper experience. For instance, Walgreens’ new strategy, “Well Experience,” caters to health, convenience, timely service and improved product offerings.
  3. Customer Service: The role of the sales associate has become more crucial since the changing landscape of the shopper experience, making improved customer service, in-store more important than ever. Nordstrom has long been recognized as an early-adapter of this in their omni-channel strategy. Their sales people help customers with information and sourcing items not only in-store, but online and from other stores.

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