Measuring Employee Productivity by the Square Foot

February 27, 2014

The C-Suite is quickly realizing the value of investing in workplaces that cater to employee morale and productivity. But what does this mean?

We need to change the way we value design and look at commercial real estate as an investment. In the past, employers have broken down costs by square-foot-per-person, trying to optimize the population density of offices spaces. This approach leaves less room for creativity and productivity. Workplace enhancements and design need to be taken into consideration when factoring an increase in output and employee productivity.

Work Design Magazine speaks to the benefits of a more strategic workplace, “Productivity is about revenue as much as about cost. An effective workplace strategy can influence business productivity by driving collaboration, employee engagement and output. Redesigning a workspace so that employees are most productive—and actually want to come to work—can go a long way toward employee engagement.”

Characteristics of Productive Workspace

Every business has unique needs. However, investing in office spaces with these innovative traits could enhance your workflow and therefore your output:

Flexible Spaces: Some employees thrive among others, while others may reach their peak productivity with less distractions. Create a workplace with diverse settings, including quiet areas, small informal meeting spaces, virtual conference rooms and open collaboration areas.
Optimize Information Flow: Use technology and design to break down barriers and increase the flow of information. Environments that fuel ideation also drive productivity.

Take Pride in Your Office: When businesses invest in their spaces, they’re investing in their people. When employees take pride in the place they work it deepens their connection to your brand and inspires them to work harder.

Talk to us about our strategic consulting for aligning productivity goals and your workspace. Design and real estate do play a part in achieving your mission.