Longtime client, Davidson Surface Air, unveils new headquarters

September 12, 2018

Davidson Surface Air, a longtime client of Intelica CRETM, has unveiled their new corporate headquarters. Beginning in 2014, Intelica CRE embarked on a 2.5-year project with Davidson Surface/Air (DSA), a global logistics company, to purchase a large tract of land for the development of office/warehouse space in Bridgeton, MO. DSA was founded as a small operation in 1981 and now services numerous third party logistics needs, including international import/export, air freight and a fleet of 5,000 vehicles. The deal brokered by Intelica CRE required creative ideas to overcome a series of challenges before construction on DSA’s new headquarters began in 2017.

Featured in the St. Louis Business Journal on September 12, 2018, the article announcing the unveiling of the new headquarters is available to read here. Intelica CRE broker, Gary Parker, will be marketing for lease or sale two of the company’s buildings, including Davidson Surface Air’s previous headquarters at 11990 Missouri Bottom Road in Hazelwood.