Is Your Workspace Working For You?

June 13, 2016

If workspaces reflect the businesses that call them home, what does your office layout say about your company? It’s a question architecture firm HLW International recently investigated, and it’s one every business owner should consider when seeking the right commercial office opportunity.

There are a significant number of options when it comes to layout, with an open, collaborative space on one end of the spectrum and segregated, private offices on the other. The floorplan you ultimately choose can have a significant impact on business outcomes including talent recruitment, employee satisfaction, productivity, collaboration and overall growth.

Before embarking on an office redesign or searching for new commercial property, first consider the factors that your staff, clients, collaborators, community members and even new hires may value. These include:


Of course size matters. The usable square footage of a commercial office space is one of the primary concerns when choosing the right location for your business, but how small or large an office is will also play a role in the factors to follow.


Yes, physical location of your building matters, but this concept is more about workspace accessibility and finding the right balance between socializing and solitude. Do desks need to be within the core of the building to foster collaboration, or should they be at the periphery to ensure greater privacy and quiet?


Within the office space, will individual staff members require the quiet that walls and a ceiling provide? As you evaluate design options, you’ll want to consider the way your employees work – and how they’ll work best.


Evaluate how your business will operate within the office space as high- or low-tech assets may be required. Also weigh the importance of updated technology in attracting fresh talent or new clients to the business, and gauge your property options accordingly.


Do you want your staff members lingering in conversation, or do you prefer they remain focused within their individual workspaces? No matter the answer, your commercial office space should reflect your response and encourage staff members to follow suit.


This factor considers the direction in which the space focuses a user’s attention. Should your employees be focused inward or outward as they work?

By approaching workplace design in a strategic way, you can use your workspace as a business tool that reflects your company’s core values and supports its overall success. Contact Intelica Commercial Real Estate to evaluate your office options, and find the space that works for you.