Intelica enhances services to grow St. Louis Business

May 20, 2017


ST. LOUIS, MO – Intelica CRETM, a commercial real estate firm, transcended its traditional broker role to create growth for a St. Louis legacy. In 2015, Intelica partnered with Lee Biosolutions to identify, acquire, build-out and re-capitalize a state-of-the-art laboratory facility in Maryland Heights. Lee Biosolutions, a multi-generational St. Louis company, synthesizes animal proteins for the medical diagnostic industry worldwide and projects $11 million in revenue for 2017, up from over $9 million in 2016. VIDEO

Intelica emphasizes growth potential and capitalization. Dan Dokovic, principal and co-founder of Intelica CRE, worked closely with owner/CEO Burton Lee to craft a unique and profitable deal. “Lee Biosolutions is a great example of an Intelica offering because we were able to use our spectrum of services to create value long-term,” said Dokovic in a recent interview.

Owner/CEO Burton Lee first engaged Intelica CRE in 2008 after a flood clarified his company’s need for a larger lab facility. In 2015, Dokovic helped Lee secure an off-market deal for a building formerly owned by now-defunct KV Pharmaceuticals. Lee purchased the building for under $1 million, at 16.79% of the previous loan balance and 6.9% of its replacement value. The 41,000 square feet facility combines unique design features with existing lab space that vastly expanded Lee Biosolutions’ ability to reach customers in the global market.

Lee, whose father Howard Lee founded Lee Scientific in 1975 and whose son, Matthew Lee, manages day-to-day operations, recognized the challenge he posed. “There’s a cost with our level of specialization, as a lab facility,” Lee said in a recent interview. “Intelica helped me create equity to off-set that cost and utilize it for growth. Everyday I’m blessed when I walk into this building,” Lee added.

Lee Biosolutions is a biotech manufacturing company. In 2016, the company increased its portfolio to include lipoproteins, cholesterol and triglycerides by acquiring Creative Laboratory Products of Indianapolis. Lee Biosolutions operates as a 24-hour laboratory with 43 employees. Visit for more information.