Intelica CRE’s new name is short for ‘Intellectual Capital,’ a commodity its cofounders valued

January 1, 2012

Intelica CRE’s new name is short for ‘Intellectual Capital,’ a commodity its cofounders valued when conceiving the company’s strategic pillars.

Excerpt from American Builder Quarterly article written by Benjamin van Loon. Click here to read full article.

Formerly known as the Principal Commercial Real Estate Company,Intelica CRE, a St. Louis-based property-management firm, rebranded itself at the beginning of 2012 to mark a new chapter as it looked to grow beyond its original commercial niche. Presently, Intelica CRE handles more than four million square feet of property valued at $450 million, and the firm offers services in everything from asset management and industrial, office, and retail brokerage to construction and development services. American Builders Quarterly spoke with the firm’s cofounders, COO Dan Dokovic and president Dan Merlo, to learn more about what’s changing at Intelica CRE and what that change really means.

So, what does “Intelica”mean to you?
Dan Dokovic: Although we started our company in 2009, the brand Intelica was developed at the beginning of January 2012. The word is formed out of the words “Intellectual Capital.” We describe this using four words, or pillars, derived from “Intelica”: inquisitive, insightful, innovative, and instructive. The first means exploration through research. We have a lot of data pertaining to commercial real estate that we use to make better property decisions. “Insightful” means we use that data to make enlightened decisions. “Innovative” means that on certain projects, where people might not see potential, we can spin it sideways and find good in it. “Instructive” means that we work with the client as a team, and this is how we solve problems.

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