Introducing Intelica CRE

January 11, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO – Principal Commercial Real Estate Company welcomes the 2012 New Year with a new name: Intelica CRE™. The company name Intelica CRE, derived from the words “intellectual capital”, reflects Intelica CRE’s promise to “increase value for your business through intellectual capital.”

Clients’ demands for precise, customer specific information was the driving force behind the company’s rebranding initiative. This demand and the company’s personal interaction with its clients inspired its refreshed business approach: “Many companies in our industry get caught up in the race to success that they forget the core values of their business. We all offer the same services, so how do we set ourselves apart? Through the process and approach,” explained COO Dan Dokovic. “The Intelica CRE business approach emphasizes how our unique process provides quality commercial real estate services that meet and exceed our clients’ business goals.” The Intelica CRE business approach encompasses 4 key characteristics: Inquisitive, Insightful, Innovative and Instructive. Each of the words are integral aspects of the company’s identity and business engagements.

“Over the past 2 years, our company has experienced growth both internally and externally. We wanted to renew our branding to reflect that positive growth and to propel our company to where we are headed in the future,” said CEO Gary Parker. “Intelica CRE represents our commitment to increase growth in our company, so that we may continue to deliver high-performing and reliable commercial real estate solutions to current and future clients.”

Intelica CRE rebranding initiatives are effective immediately on January 11, 2012. All e-mail addresses for current Principal Commercial Real Estate Company employees will be replaced by the Intelica CRE e-mail addresses. These employees may be reached by e-mail by replacing the suffix with

“We are very excited to move forward with a new brand that better represents our commitment to serving clients with the best commercial real estate services possible,” said President Dan Merlo.