Intelica Celebrates the Legacy of Bob Busch: A Collection

April 9, 2021

As we continue to mourn the passing of our friend and colleague, Bob Busch, we are celebrating his life by sharing some of our fondest memories of him, as well as those shared with us on social media. Bob was well known and highly regarded in the St. Louis commercial real estate industry, a guiding influence and mentor to many people. Bob was an Executive Vice President of Brokerage with Intelica since October 2020. The following is a collection of stories we shared as we reflected on Bob’s time with us.

“He was a great teacher and fabulous listener. One of the friendliest guys I have ever met. He would come in in the morning and always ask how you are and always steal a piece of gum. He was a great mentor to all the brokers and will be missed.” – Gary Parker, Principal at Intelica

“While Bob was newer to Intelica, he fit right in with our group. It was really a shock to suffer his loss. He was really just starting to get his footing. It was obvious he was going to be a great asset and team member here.” – Dan Merlo, Principal at Intelica

“Bob Busch was known and loved by many. Both his close friends and colleagues have shared stories of his tenacity for life. He was admired by his commercial real estate peers for this ability to run a very successful business for so long and admired by his friends for his strength in his personal relationships and to God. For these reasons and many more, we are assured Bob will have nothing but peace in what lies ahead.” – Joel Meyer, Senior Vice President of Brokerage at Intelica

“Bob was very inspirational. He was very determined. When he set his mind to something, he was going to achieve it, whether in his career or his personal life.” – Tyler Hyde, Associate Broker at Intelica

“As a new broker, Bob was the first person to mentor and counsel me. Bob was highly successful but maintained humility in all he did. I will forever cherish the moments spent with him and strive to implement his teachings in my own career.” – Jacque Parker Whisler, Associate Broker at Intelica

“My favorite memories with Bob revolve around seeing him run at Forest Park and high fiving as we passed each other as well as training together for the Go St Louis Marathon this upcoming weekend. Bob always had great insights on books to read for business as well as pleasure, and I took his advice to heart literally buying every single book he suggested. We would confer after reading to talk about what I learned from them, and especially remember marveling at how crazy we both thought the Barefoot running Tarahumara ultra-marathon guys were. Bob was a straight shooter and I definitely leaned on him for advice, which he was always happy to share for business development, as well as how to handle specific real estate deals. I will treasure the memories and time we spent together even though it was brief, it had a huge impact on my life.” – Brendan O’Brien, Senior Associate Broker at Intelica

“I remember when I told him I had to take his photo for the website. I had started just a week before him and had no idea I would be taking portrait photos. Needless to say, my first few attempts did not turn out great and I was rather discouraged. Bob came to me and said, ‘Come on, third time’s the charm, right?’ We took the photos one last time, and they were the best. He said, ‘See, I knew I was more handsome than the other photos showed!’ I will always remember his encouragement and patience with me, and I hope to carry that on to others in my own life.” – Emily Cline, Photography, Videography, and Marketing Specialist at Intelica

“I remember when I was trying to make some tea, but I could not open the canister for the life of me. Bob came into the kitchen and obviously saw me struggling. He made the attempt to open the tea for me, but it would not open. Suddenly, Bob says, ‘Of all the tea in the cabinet, you choose the one that we can’t open. Choose another tea and see what happens.’ So, I got a different tea canister out of the cabinet and Bob gave the packet and opens it, then he says, ‘See now that wasn’t so hard now, was it.’ Loved it. Even in the smallest moments, Bob was there to encourage me. Bob was such a wonderful and nice person. He will be truly missed.” – Shar-Day Armstrong, Assistant Property Manager at Intelica

Bob will be missed and forever in my thoughts and prayers. He was a devout Catholic and man of faith, a great friend and a mentor. I love you, Bob. God bless you.” – Ed Backer, Senior Vice President of Brokerage at Intelica

“I will miss Bob’s great sense of humor and his ability to brighten up a room. I would like to thank him for his mentorship and friendship. I will always remember him as a great man of faith who loved the church.” – Michael Backer, Vice President of Brokerage at Intelica

“In my second week with the company, I was asked to attend a sales pitch with Bob. After a short prep session, I admitted that I felt unprepared and unqualified to present the content in a sales situation. Bob calmly and confidently spoke up for the whole room to hear and said ‘Theresa, you are selling yourself short. You are better prepared than you think you are, and you will do great.’ His confidence in me had a contagious effect and his words left an impression on me. I wish I could have spent more time with him.” – Theresa Bayer, Vice President of Operations at Intelica

“Bob was always polite and a very genuine person. He always asked me how my morning was going or how my kids were doing, just because he remembered a very short story I told him two weeks prior. He was always ready to learn something new. With his transition here, he tried his best to sit in on any meeting he could to learn about our company and culture. There was no meeting or task that was too big or too small for Bob. I know he will greatly be missed.” – Katy Retzlaff, Executive Coordinator at Intelica

I am heartbroken to hear the news of Bob’s passing. He was one of the nicest guys. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He will be missed. Praying for his family, friends and colleagues.” – Laura Hogan, Client Development at Contegra Construction Co.

So sad. Bob was a great guy to be around! I worked with him for many years! He will be missed! RIP.” – Bobby Lamparter, Service Technician at Gundaker Commercial Group

Bob was a dear friend. I will miss him.” – Carrie Herrmann, Senior Vice President at Colliers International

“I’m really sad to read this. Bob was very gracious to me when I was first breaking into the commercial real estate world. Sorry to hear of his passing.” – Gregory Williams, Director of Client Development at S.M. Wilson & Co.

“Sending our heartfelt sincere condolences from Working Spaces, we are so sorry to hear of his passing. We are praying for all his friends, colleges and family during a terrible time.” – Connie Kroenung, Workplace Consultant at Working Spaces St. Louis

“So sorry to hear this, just sat down for lunch with Bob and a colleague a few short weeks ago up in Creve Coeur. Smart, inquisitive and always appreciative.” – Eric Thomas, Senior Associate at Mohr Partners, Inc.

It is clear that during his short lifetime, Bob made an impact on many people. His absence will be felt, and his legacy will not be forgotten.

Visitation services will be held on Friday, April 9, 2021, from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Schrader Funeral Home, 14960 Manchester Rd, Ballwin, MO, 63011. The funeral will be held on Saturday, April 10, 2021, at 10 am at the St. Anselm Parish at St. Louis Priory School, 530 S Mason Rd, St. Louis, MO 63141. The burial is for close family and friends. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Saint Louis Priory School. Friends may sign the family’s online guestbook at