Green Offices Work Better

March 21, 2017

Want to improve productivity, reduce employee sick days and minimize staff turnover? Bring a bit of the outdoors into your office. According to the World Green Building Council’s Better Places for People campaign, good air quality, natural light and increased greenery within an office can significantly impact your bottom line.

The Council’s report indicates that investing in greener offices can keep occupants healthy and happy – a conclusion worth noting for employers, building owners, commercial designers and developers. For instance, a construction company in the UK cut sick days by two thirds with improvements to indoor air quality, lighting and noise reduction, saving nearly $35,000 in 2015. A manufacturer’s call center saw a 97% increase in sales-generated leads and 101% increase in leads per call after moving into a new space that offered outdoor views in 92% of its offices.

If you want to positively impact your business through green innovation, consider these six key factors in creating healthier offices:

  • Air quality and ventilation. The report shows that a well-ventilated space can double the cognitive ability of its occupants.
  • Lighting. A study found that people who worked in offices with a window got nearly an hour more sleep at night than workers without window access.
  • Temperature. An office that is too hot can cause performance to decline by six percent. A space that is too cold will drop performance by four percent.
  • Aesthetics. Office layout and visual appeal can help boost staff satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Sound Pollution. Auditory distraction can decrease performance and concentration by two thirds.
  • Amenities. Access to fitness centers, hiking trails, and other health related benefits reduces absenteeism.

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