Going Green To Make Green

November 9, 2015

Even as the leaves change and the Midwest braces for cooler months to come, more and more “green” is springing up in commercial real estate. As companies seek out sustainable practices and adopt environmentally friendly approaches to business, green buildings are becoming increasingly popular — and profitable.

Prospective industrial tenants are beginning to request options that keep efficiency and the environment in mind. By providing needed resources to these tenants, green buildings aren’t just benefitting the ecosystem. They’re a boost to the local economy as well.

So, what makes a tenant consider green buildings? The decision often comes down to core company values, but the savings involved can also play a role. Here are the top reasons businesses are going green, and how commercial property owners can make the most of the current commercial environment:

The Right Kind Of Press

When companies make an effort to limit their carbon footprint and use resources responsibly, they can often leverage that decision to earn positive press. That, in turn, can help these companies build a valuable brand and enjoy greater profitability. By considering sustainable site development, water and energy efficiency, atmosphere and indoor environmental quality, commercial property owners set themselves — and their tenants — up for success.

The Right Kind Of People

Often, companies can use a strong stance on sustainability to attract a higher quality employee — especially when it comes to millennials in the workforce. By offering healthier workplaces, better quality of life and a clean conscience, these businesses can do better work. Because of this, property owners that can help businesses live up to the expectations of employees create a more attractive lease environment for themselves.

Profits & Partners

Profitability, ROI and savings in all of a company’s occupancy costs are all solid reasons why businesses consider green initiatives. What’s more, capital and partnership flowing from investors often comes more freely when sustainable thresholds are met. There is money to be saved and earned from a commercial space that gives businesses the chance to capitalize on going green.

Sustainable investments have a tremendous impact on the bottom line for any size enterprise, and they’re something every commercial property owner should consider. To learn more about the changes you can make in your own developments, and the impact going green may have on your portfolio, contact Intelica today.