Getting A Good Buy In 2016

February 16, 2016

Recognized commercial real estate research and consulting firm Situs RERC has released its recommendations for commercial investments moving into 2016, offering some positive forecasts for office, retail and warehouse investors alike. Based upon its third quarter 2015 Situs RERC Real Estate Report, the recommendations are made following a thorough analysis of economic factors and capital markets as they relate to the investment environment for commercial real estate.

The assets listed here have been identified as good “buys” for the year to come:

Hospitality & Hotel

Receiving a score of 6.5 out of ten in terms of investment conditions, hotel property was recommended by twenty one percent of surveyed investors.

Power Centers

Scoring a 5.8 on the investment conditions scale, these outdoor malls garnered support from twenty three percent of surveyed investors.

Student Housing

Identified as a strong investment opportunity by twenty five percent of surveyed investors, student housing options scored a 6.1 out of ten on the investment conditions scale.

Central Building District Office Space

Rated a “buy” by nearly one third of surveyed investors, CBD office buildings ranked 6.2 on the investment conditions scale.

Suburban Office Space

Not to be overshadowed by downtown offices, these real estate opportunities received a “buy” recommendation from thirty nine percent of investors. However, the investment conditions ranking of 5.0 here was slightly below that of CBD office counterparts.

Neighborhood Centers

Often anchored by a supermarket or drugstore, these convenient retail strips were recommended by forty six percent of surveyed investors. These properties garnered a 6.3 rating on the investment conditions scale.

Industrial Warehouse

At the very top of the “buy” recommendations, warehouse properties received a nod from forty eight percent of surveyed investors. Industrial warehouse properties also earned a rating of 7.1 on the investment conditions scale.

If you are interested in learning more about these highly recommended commercial real estate types, and what opportunities may exist in the St. Louis market, contact the professionals at Intelica Commercial Real Estate today.