Commercial Real Estate Takes Technology to New Heights

August 14, 2014

Commercial real estate isn’t just benefitting from the growth of the tech sector, we are also taking advantage of new technologies that will shape how commercial real estate brokers are targeting businesses looking to buy or lease space.

Drone Cameras

Photos help sell the space, but new technology is giving potential clients an even better perspective. Drone cameras are able to fly high above buildings for an aerial view of the property. They can even be used to take clients on video tours of the space, flying through the building, capturing 360 degree panoramic views.

Video is still an emerging technology, but it will become more and more mainstream as it paints a clearer picture of the space.

3D Modeling

New 3D modeling technology is giving developers, builders, architects and commercial real estate firms the ability to show clients a space while it’s being renovated or before it has been built. 3D computerized renderings and virtual walk-throughs are used to help pre-market buildings that are under construction. This software helps clients visualize the space and collaborate on design, which in turn, helps commercial real estate firms finalize contracts.

Digital Support and Ecommerce

While the insight and knowledge of an in person meeting with your broker is irreplaceable, searching for a space online, especially during the early stages, is becoming more and more common. Brokers are realizing the importance of optimizing their websites for user experience, using SEO, investing in search databases and other tactics to drive potential buyers to the website and from there, to pick up the phone and call.

At Intelica, we’re embracing new technology but still value picking up the phone and meeting with our clients and partners in person. Talk to us about your vision for the future of our industry.