Building a Remarkable Team – Reflecting on 10 Years of Growth

December 11, 2020

Celebrating 10 years of Intelica in 2020, Gary Parker, Co-Founder and Principal, reflects on a decade of working to build what he and many colleagues and clients consider to be a remarkable brokerage team.

  1. Intelica’s name is the embodiment of their belief in collaboration – that a rising tide lifts all boats. Intelica stands for intellectual capital. Intellectual capital is “the sum of everything everybody in your company knows that gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.”
  2. Unlike many brokerage firms, Intelica maintains an open database, where everyone participates and works toward success together. This database has been built over the last 5 years, all brokers work in this database and track everything including tenant info, market data, calls to success ratios – all information that allow us to better serve our clients. The investment in their database is something they consider a major competitive advantage.
  3. Our brokers put data and reporting at the forefront. By utilizing our analysts and marketing team, they prepare marketing reports, presentation materials, and strategies that allow brokers to meet key performance indicators on properties and deliver client satisfaction.
  4. They seek out and hire the best balance of experience and attitude. By allowing brokers to set their own sales goals, choose the industries they want to specialize in and accessing our extensive database, Intelica can position themselves to provide results-driven brokerage services.
  5. Full service truly means delivering clients everything they need. In addition to an in-house marketing team, we also have growing property management, construction management, maintenance and property accounting teams. By having a multidisciplinary team of experts in house, Intelica can help in a holistic way that’s very involved – the relationship doesn’t end when a lease is signed.