A New Platform For CRE

June 15, 2015

Commercial real estate investors are constantly adapting to a dynamic environment, monitoring and managing their portfolios. It’s a process that can be complicated by third party certification requirements, conflicting guidelines and elaborate negotiations.   Wouldn’t it be easier if there were a way to connect directly with buyers, sellers and investors to streamline commercial real estate transactions?

That’s what former Lehmen Brothers VP, Barclays Capital Director and entrepreneur Joy Hou wondered, and she claims she’s launched the solution.

Through the real estate tech company Metis, Hou has launched a global cloud-based platform called Metis Real Estate Network, or MREN. It’s designed to streamline transactions between commercial real estate buyers, sellers and investors by providing a network for information sharing, communication and collaboration.

How can this impact your next commercial real estate dealings? The MREN platform addresses the fragmentation problem that divides opportunities, people and information in the commercial real estate marketplace, allowing professionals to work more efficiently through a direct connection to property information.

However, services like what MREN will offer do not provide the unbiased advisory services available through firms like Intelica.

Intelica COO Dan Dokovic cautions investors to take a balanced approach. “Though we’re excited about the development of new technology in the commercial real estate industry, we encourage our partners to combine those resources with the trusted counsel and management tools our firm can provide,” he said.

A key component that will be difficult to find online: access to in-person service. While compiling information through the new platform may prove to be useful in sourcing capital or deals, guidance from seasoned professionals isn’t guaranteed. What’s more, this tool only provides a small part of what commercial real estate dealings entail, leaving details like property management, analytics and risk management out of the picture.

So, while advances like MREN may be good news for the industry, a strategy that balances technology with expertise is still the best bet for those seeking profitable deals and strong capital in commercial real estate.

To learn more about the latest developments in commercial real estate, or to learn how we can make your next transaction easier, contact the professionals at Intelica.